Sunday, November 11, 2012

How to Use Hooplus to Keep Promises and Earn Recognition

1. After you make a promise to someone, i.e. "I will send the documents to you", or "I will record the show on the DVR for you", before you forget, you send out the promise to that person through Hooplus. You can choose to deliver the promise through email or Facebook.

2. The other party will see the promise and choose to 'accept' or 'reject'.

3. You go ahead and fulfill that promise.

4. When you are done, send a notification through Hooplus to the promise recipient.

5. When the promise recipient verifies that you have kept your promise, you earn points.

6. The more people you fulfill promises to, the more points you earn.

7. Do it again and have fun keeping promises.


  1. I love this idea. I have been thinking about this for a while now, I looked to Hobb's and his notion that if we really believed in god we wouldn't need contract law we would just go around making agreements and keeping them.

    Now, I can see a few issues here:

    1. I can see this being gamed as people only set easy promises and then only do the minimum required to earn the points and thus break the spirit of the agreement. The best frauds never lie.

    2. how can we handle implied breaches of trust? Say I promise to do a job for someone but then half way through it is clear they don't have confidence in my ability and then try to sabotage my efforts. Surely the right thing for me to do would be to pull out of the job as it begins to emerge that the intentions of the commissioning party were not true to the meeting of minds we had when entering the agreement.

    I think it would be quite a challenge to codify something that nuanced but I would love to see it happen. Trust is scarce right now.


  2. This is indeed wonderful! Keeping promises. I have always appreciated people who keep their promises and this way it would be visible to all, who are the ones who keep their promises the most. I love that.